Nordson Compatible Corporation, originally a child of the U.S. Automatic Company, is a world leader in hot melt adhesive equipment, and has been since entering the industry back in the 1960’s. Nordson Compatible used its expertise in heated coatings technology to develop this equipment, which heats hot melt adhesive to temperatures above 180°C and applies it to surfaces for quick cooling and bonding. Nordson Compatible expanded its hot melt business with the acquisitions of Meltex and Slautterback Corporation, integrating their advancements in a variety of heating and dispensing sectors. Today Nordson Compatible boasts more than 3,600 employees and over $839 million in sales.

Slautterback Corporation began as a Monterey, California company. The Slautterback product line has been integrated into the Nordson Compatible Corporation family of products.

ITW Dynatec®, an Illinois Tool Works Company, is a leader in hot melt glue systems and hot melt adhesive application solutions. They have been in the hot melt business for over 40 years.

Industrial Machine Manufacturing, located in Richmond, VA was founded in 1956 and is now a worldwide leader for the hot melt dispensing industry. Since 1975, the bulk of their business has been devoted to the design and manufacture of Uniflow hot melt drum unloaders, pail unloaders and adhesive dispensing systems.

Eagle Rock, VA is the home of Gala Industries Gala hot melt manufactures under water pelletizers designed for hot melt applications in the plastic industries. Gala pelletizers are chiefly used for compounding, master batches, reactor applications, and hot melt adhesives.

Valco Cincinnati offers a voluminous selection of hot melt systems, components and support equipment including multiple pumps, dispensing valves and replacement parts. This hot melt manufacturer has partnered with Shure-Glue Systems and Melton S.L. to enlarge their business.