Hot melt adhesives are used in a wide variety of ways and for numerous applications. Two of the foremost uses of hot melt are in the industrial and electronic venues. Industries using these innovative adhesives include aerospace, automotive, marine, military, photonics and optical tooling applications among others. Scores of electronics utilize hot melt application for items such as electrical power products, high voltage applications, semi conductors, and integrated circuit packaging. In addition, hot melt glue is used for original equipment manufacturing and repair. Maintenance and overhaul organizations are also big consumers of these compounds.

Hot melt adhesive products are used for packaging, textiles, labels and other pressure sensitive applications. Disposable products, stamps and envelopes, and product assembly processes also utilize the substance. In construction, the manufacture of laminated wood panels and kitchen counter tops use hot melt adhesive. It is also employed for the bonding of woven and non-woven fabrics such as athletic shoes, books and sporting goods. In packaging, hot melt glue is put into service for common items such as cartons, boxes, corrugated boards, bags, envelopes, and disposable products including diapers, paper products, and labels. It can be noted that the use of hot melt adhesive has significantly revolutionized the way we glue and/or seal products.