Industry was the first venue to benefit from the creation of hot melt glue and adhesive. Presently hot melt glue applications have found their way into a variety of markets including woodworking, shoemaking, florist work, upholstery, packaging, product assembly and many others. Hot melt glue is now a familiar product used in shops and homes. A variety of hot melt glue sticks are available; their color ranging from amber to clear. Darker sticks actually have better bonding properties than lighter ones because of their lower surface energy.

Virtually any length, diameter or color may be ordered from hot melt glue stick manufacturers. Sometimes organic dyes are used in hot melt applications to satisfy the needs of particular art and craft works. Thermoplastic adhesives are usually combined with waxes, resins, and plasticizers for the production of hot melt glue sticks. Adhesion performance is significantly affected by environment and by hot melt glue applicators.