Should I clean my nozzles?

In the manufacturing world, time is money. With the low cost of the high quality nozzles offered at, more money would be lost in the time it requires to properly clean a nozzle than simply installing a new one.

How do I reduce char build-up in my hot melt tank?

When attempting to reduce char in a hot melt tank, consider a combination on the following:

  • Preventive maintenance – Most hot melt equipment manufacturers recommend a complete hot melt system cleaning at least twice a year.
  • Contaminated adhesive – Hot melt adhesive should always be stored in a strong container such as a heavy duty plastic waste container. Do not set boxes or open bags of adhesive on the floor or on the top of the container. The container should be labeled “Adhesive Only” and include your adhesive part number.
  • Low quality adhesive – With hot melt adhesives, higher price usually means higher quality, the opposite is also true. Adhesive manufacturing is a highly un-regulated industry and many companies use low cost waxes and fillers in their products to reduce cost. These products tend to burn quickly. Due to the fillers and heavy waxes, low cost adhesives can greatly reduce your adhesive mileage whereas high quality adhesives are lighter and have a lower specific gravity. The bottom line is a higher dollar per pound does not necessarily translate to higher packaging costs.
  • Older equipment – Most hot melt systems will last between five and ten years, depending on usage. Many new developments have been made in hot melt equipment manufacturing in the past 5 to 10 years that have greatly improved their performance. It may be time to evaluate the performance and efficiency of your aging equipment.

Does manufacture custom nozzles?

Yes, as long as the basic style of nozzle you require is offered by we are able to offer custom orifice sizes as well as unique degrees of separation between holes.


What is an engagement?

An engagement details the length of the orifice hole. For example, if a nozzle’s specifications are .012″ diameter x .075″ engagement, it simply means that the length of the .012″ diameter orifice is .075″ in length.


How does the engagement effect glue flow?

The length of the engagement affects glue flow in that, as the engagement increases the flow of adhesive decreases.


How do I determine what size filter I need?

In line filters, which are filters that are placed between the hose and the gun assembly are offered in three sizes; 50 mesh, 100 mesh and 200 mesh. A 50 mesh screen has a diameter of .011″, a 100 mesh screen has a diameter of .006″, and a 200 mesh screen has a diameter of .003″. These filters are designed to aid in preventing nozzle clogging.

When choosing a filter mesh size the following is a general rule:

Nozzle Orifice Diameter Filter mesh

.008″ or .010″ 200

.012″ through .020″ 100

.024” and higher 50


How often should I change my in-line filters?

There is no uniform frequency for changing your filters. This is determined by several factors including the type of adhesive you are using, how many outside contaminants come into contact with the adhesive, the type of environment in which the equipment is running and whether or not the stored glue is covered before being introduced to the adhesive reservoir. These conditions vary in manufacturing facilities and you will need to determine the regularity of your routine filter replacements on your own. Once a timeline is established the maintenance should be performed regularly.


How will my order be shipped to me?

UPS is the preferred shipping service used by We offer expedited one, two and three day delivery options as well as the standard ground service. If you would like to use an alternate service, please contact us and designate your preferred carrier. You also have the option of providing your own shipping account number so that your product can be shipped to you collect on your own account.


Do you sell hot melt adhesive parts other than nozzles? is always updating our product offerings. Our main product line is centered on consumables such as nozzles, filters and modules. We will continue to increase the diversity of the product types that we offer as demand warrants, so check back frequently.


What is your returns policy?

At customer satisfaction is our highest priority and we strive to ensure every customer receives the right product to suit their application needs. At times, for a variety of reasons, a purchase may not meet those needs and require an exchange or refund.

We will gladly accept your returned merchandise under the following conditions.

All returns must be pre-authorized by return authorization number must be obtained by contacting customerservice@hotmeltnozzles.comAll returned merchandise must be received by within 45 days of the original purchase date as noted on your invoice.All returned merchandise must be in new and unused condition unless prior arrangements have been made with Such as trial testing situations.A copy of your original invoice must accompany all returns.All returned merchandise must be shipped with the issued return authorization number clearly marked on the exterior of the shipping carton / envelope.

Any returns received not meeting the criteria above will be ineligible for credit or exchange and will be returned to the sender.

Shipping fees on returned merchandise are the responsibility of the customer. If our customer service department causes the error, will issue a call tag to pick up the merchandise at no expense to the customer.


What are your payment methods?

Payment methods that are accepted by are:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Paypal
  • Company Purchase Order Number