Hot Melt Machines

Machinery and parts used to accomplish hot melt applications are extensive. Nordson Corporation, the largest producer and supplier of hot melt equipment, has a capacious inventory of hot melt adhesive dispensing units including automotive, nonwovens adhesive systems, hot melt packaging systems, paper converting systems, product assembly adhesive systems, and webcoating. Machinery used in the preceding systems include, but are not limited to spray applicators, nozzles and modules, laminating applicators, melters, hot melt adhesive hoses and hot melt replacement parts.

ITW Dynatec machines produce hot melt adhesive supply units, glue feeders, unloaders, hoses, automatic applicators, hand gun applicators and nozzles and pattern controllers. Industrial Machine Manufacturing boasts a patented “Seg-o-Seal” and Variable Expansion Platen Seal, a time saving drum unloader and clam shell jacket. Gala Industries manufactures underwater pelletizers used for compounding hot melt adhesives for the plastics industry. The machines and parts detailed above are a small sampling of available hot melt equipment.

About Hot Melt Nozzles

Our superior line of hot melt nozzles provide adhesive equipment solutions for many different types of enterprises including the packaging, converting, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, non-woven, labeling, general assembly, woodworking and sift-proof industries. Our hot melt glue tips come in various styles and diameters in order to meet the needs of a wide range of hot melt applicatons. Our nozzles are made from the highest quality materials and serve as hot melt replacement parts which are compatible with hot melt equipment from the industry's leading manufacturers such as: Nordson, Melton, ITW, Slauterback, Robatech and Pearson. Learn More >>

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